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your girl is lovely, hubble. [23 Aug 2006|05:31pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So basically.....
we're all like, not here anymore, right?
I thought I'd check in and no one has posted in a century. I see LJ tryin' hard to keep up with the blogger converts, and it makes me feel kinda sad in a way, but you know, whatever.

Remember Diaryland?

I used to have a diary on diaryland. I wonder if it's still there. I wonder what it says. It's probably mostly me talking about food (because that was all I could think about when I was trying to eat as little of it as possible) and about random people at Michigan who, in their own uninentional way, made me feel hopelessly alienated, lonely and scared.

This thing though, is a serious diary. I should print it all out before it gets tossed.

I only write on my blog now. It's not so personal, but I think that's a good thing.

This Girl Called Automatic Win

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like beatlemania, only gay, and i don't scream so much, and i'm older [08 May 2006|12:11am]

I'm going to see Shane tomorrow! (click to my other blog, read all about it)
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But I Just Had to Laugh, I saw the Photograph [02 May 2006|11:45am]
hey, you.

BIG NEWS: Saw my hero, Kim from Americas Next Top Model on the subway. Unlike most celebs, she looked much more fabulous in person. But, as it often is when i see people like this (e.g. Kim from Interlochen Arts Academy on the subway a few weeks ago), I was wearing a hat and was on the way to the gym (that means unshowered, unsexy, uncool) and therefore was unable to impose my fabulousness on her skinny ass and her cute i'm-reading-a-book face.


I'm writing a book.

It's been so long since I updated, I can hardly think of where to begin.

I'm supposed to be doing this story for Marie Claire--'match the girl with her exes'--and I feel stuck and frustrated about it. That mag does a lot of matching stories. Basically it will be me and three other girls in a photo shoot. There will be tiny thumbnail photos of our 3 exes, and readers will guess who our exes are.

(I was originally roped into this while at nerve, under the guise that a major mag needs girls who were friends with their exes....which is not what the story is about after all...but now I'm trapped!)

So I gave her my whole rundown of all my relationships, and the editors wanted to use John, Jeremiah and Lauren. (of course, Lauren isn't really an ex, but I said I was bi and they leaped all over that)

Lauren agreed to do it, and by that I mean, agreed to lie and pretend to be one of my exes. John agreed, reluctantly. The editor wants to use Jeremiah for the "surprise" factor. He won't do it--in fact, he won't even talk to me.

I can't burn this bridge--I love Marie Claire, and if I ever save a rainforest tribe in South America, I want to be able to pitch them an article about it. Perhaps they know that....as a writer, I want the connection, I want to meet the editors, and I think a photo shoot would be fun. For that reason I'm willing to do this.

But I feel bad having to talk John into it, because his reservations are completely valid--they are also mine. I know it's just a tiny picture of them, and a few fun quotes from me about the joy of our union, and I didn't say anything negative about anyone (except maybe myself), and left out all the ditry details....but still, it's odd to put yourself out there like that, on print, especially when we both have careers in the arts and hope to be visible public figures one day.

I think in the interview, which was actually really fun, and the girl doing the article is totally sweet and cool and really succesfull--I totally envy her--but now she wants me to ask Marc to do it...because he's also a republican, and therefore that fab surprise factor.

But ew! Embarassing.

I keep hoping I can just use Scot, because he's a cutie, but that's assuming he would even do it....

Right now, I'm hoping somehow she'll just forget, which is unlikely because she emails me a lot.
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new blog: marielynbernard at blogspot dot com! [10 Apr 2006|06:06pm]
hellllo friends!!!

though i will continue to post on livejournal when i have something i want to say about myself, i have started a blog that will be more, um, open to varied audiences. please read it, kids, okay, it's good for you.

This Girl Called Automatic Win
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i could go crazy on a night like tonight, when summer's beginning to give up her fight [31 Mar 2006|08:46pm]
"You can't ever really know a person and if you think you can, you're living in a dream world." (David, Six Feet Under)

Who's having fun in the dream world these days, anyhow?

A few photos of the party:


A party which was anchored by two very negative events had a fairly satisfactory middle; and it was good to see....

Lainey and Tara on this side of the Williamsburg bridge,
good to see Katy and Nicole and Eunice in rooms with bigger windows,
good to see Stephen and Cameron and Kat without stacks of unopened query mail at our feet (ok, my feet, i need to be better at opening the mail..),
good to see Matty who came out from Long Island for the party,
good to see Krista full of the happiness she deserves
(Krista got into Yale's MFA program!!!!),
good to see Alana and Malaina and everyone else I don't see enough...

Matty found a chair and stayed there with his beers, keeping court.
I sat on his lap and told Kat he was my brother.
"That's kinda gross, Marie," he said.
I've missed him and his frank funny insane prescence, and the bizzare way he and I get along. He wants to go to Iraq now, which he says is better than living with his mother. Fair 'nuff.
In the morning, he demanded the shitty coffee that will become the theme of this entry, and breakfast, and did his best to be the voice of reason amidst the madness...
oh, the irony....

Matty likes to give people nicknames; "Drama Club" is one of his favorites. He liked calling Krista "Drama Club." Funny, of course, that for so many months, my life was almost entirely consumed by his drama.....

but ultimately.......life is drama. So maybe everyone should just quit with acting like "drama" is implicitly negative.

I dreamt about Scot, it was strange and vivid. Sometimes I miss being in love.
He wrote me back and was talking about how impossible it is to plan our lives, and I guess that's the truth.
As Lauren said...all we can do is get up and make coffee...see what happens..
Or, in my case...not make cofffee, since according to multiple sources (krista, matthew, lauren),
i'm kinda bad at it.
(i like it strong. the nerve people liked it. because they're hard-core like me. or just tired.)

We all try so hard, though, you know? We try really hard to make everything effortless.
If I start thinking about next week or last week, this week slips away.
People love and break up and go to work and all that.
People fight and hate and love and go to work again.
That doesn't make it easier, at all.
But it makes it acceptable, at least. Something that's part of all this
instead of something that
we feel we ought to have avoided.

But I have these things;

I have the amazing feeling of being surrounded by new friends that I've made since I moved here a year ago, which for a socially retarded cynical brat like myself is quite an accomplishment,

my book, which excites me,

I am not quite myself these days, which you all need to read,

the way Lauren hops around the apartment when she's getting ready to go and making her peanut butter toast and checking out her hot ass in the mirror,

the way that she always hears me coming up the stairs and opens the door before I get there,

the unadulterated joy of netflix,

leisha hailey, who rules, eternally, and jenny's amazing description of her wedding outfit in the season finale,

the spring, FUCKING FINALLY,

the fact that every now and then, something actually does almost make me cry,

but most of all; words.
like the stupid ones i'm writing right now.
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is that a periscope in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? [13 Mar 2006|01:37pm]
I hate it when characters die on TV shows that I like (RIP Dylan's wife on 90210! RIP Nate on Six Feet Under! RIP Jen on Dawson's Creek!). I had heard rumors that Dana was going to die (yes, "rumors" means that I sometimes cruise L Word fansites...but Tara-the-Spoiler-Queen certainly helped in this regard..:--)), and I knew it would happen on Sunday. But I think that the episode was well done (aside from preggers bette and the randoms at the bus station) and the way that they spliced the intensity of Sharmen's make-up sex with Dana's sudden fall (Alice's reaction was so dead on and amazing and heartbreaking) resulted in a total emotional cannonball. I felt utterly emotionally drained afterwards (still), but, well, RIP Dana...

At least she got to tell Alice she loved her again.
That was cute.
The fact that Alice and Dana will never have sex again is tre depressing.

In other news....isn't this THE BEST PICTURE EVER???!!

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blood and fire are too much for these restless arms to hold [06 Mar 2006|01:47am]
Our heroine gives herself thirteen minutes to write something smart. At two in the morning, she plans to curl up for sleep. Jake, do you remember "Dinner Number One" and "Dinner Number Two"? Dinner Number Two always involved massive amounts of dairy products; either in the greasy pizza cheese dripping from the firm crusts at Backroom, laid out on rectangular pieces of tin foil or those gooey sloshy milkshakes from Pizza House.

Josh had a pick-up truck. At night, we'd lie on our jackets in the back and stare at the stars. He worked at Backroom , and he told us about how he cut his hand open once so he could go home for the day. I thought, wow, he must really want to go home for the day. One time I cut my hand at the Mac Grill, but that wasn't on purpose. I almost fainted.

I started missing Becky a lot today, Becky from U-Mich. She was a wonderful friend. Totally honest and loyal and fun and exceptional. It's odd, but I think she annoyed me less than any best friend I've ever had; and this although she was being practically my roomate--we had dorm singles next to each other. Then shared a dorm room at NYU for the summer. We got along surpsingly well, but it ocul dhave just been that she was more stable than I'll ever be, which also meant she could not relate to me on many levels, but still. She was awesome. I don't know. Some days you just start to miss a certian friend for no good reason. I wonder if she's still working at Next. Hm. Mysteries abound. Becky just was a good one I let her get away and that's sad.

So, crash, huh? Odd, that's the only one i Managed to see this year, too. This works back to Jake again, 'cause I'd like to mention the year I thought You Can Count on Me could possibly win.

I've been working on a book lately, which has taken time. Reading so much, even without the five books I left in the taxi cab, and trying to be smart and creative and always interested.

On Friday, I was shuffled from room to room at the Metropolitan Hospital to see a doctor on the crisp edge of senility, ushered around with a true pyscho who needed more than what I needed ("Are you sure you're not just bipolar?" the doctor said when i told him about the ADD. "YES, I AM PRETTY FUCKING SURE!!! BWAHHH!!!!") because when doctors walked by, my crazy companioe said:

Doctor, I have a lot of problems. I have a whole lot of problems. Can you see me now, I'm not normal. I used to have a Camaro.

If you want to communicate with Lauren or I, I'd reccomend you please go check out the film Pretty Persuasian, so that you will know what we're talking about when we ask Do You Fuck Dogs? WONDER TWINS!!!

do you fuck dogs?

On Friday night we watched lesbian movies and Lainey made cake that looked like breasts and Tara and I wanted pizza just not enough to move, except Haviland fast forwarded to all the sex scenes in DEBS.

On Saturday Lauren and I saw Red Light Winter in the west village. The humor was cutting and lovely and it was sad and fantastic, and I felt a bit extra cultured for spending a Saturday afternoon at the theater. Afterwards we had greasy food at the Waverly and in my head, I heard fiest or maybe just bob dylan.

Last week I had Viatnamese and free wine with Krista, who reminds me of things.

I didn't watch the oscars, I watched The L Word. I saw thirty seconds of The Oscars beforehand, enough for Jake Gyllenhal to remind me that I am at least 50% heterosexual.

Last weekend was cold and tense, this week eventually calmed into submission. I felt like I spent a lot of time on trains this past week, but maybe it's cause I just spent two hours getting home without The L train. I relaly need to make paece with the JMZ.

There's an Annie Lennox song from Lauren's new CD stuck in my head.

I fixed the TV and then it broke again.

If it doesn't warm up, I'm going to freeze to death some night on an under-funded train like the J.


The newest member of THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is....

yes....that's right...

my ex-boyfriend Jeremiah!

He will no longer be in the party that elected this guy:

Gawd! I'm so proud of him. I didn't like having a Republican on my sexual history.

I've started watching Season Five of The West Wing too. So I can be in almost complete denial that our country is going to hell in a handbasket at the promptings of a bone-head.
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home is where my habits have a habitat [17 Feb 2006|01:20am]
I was inspired to write my first-ever amazon book review after reading the worst book I have ever read (yes, worse than a devil wears prada, if such a thing was possible): PURE.
Rebbecca Ray dropped out of school at 16 to write this pile of nonsense.
Meanwhile, I was in the woods with my nonsense, learning to make it better.
And I still am.

You can read my compelling review here:
pure crap.

the black hearts party the black hearts party

we went out to the chelsea piers while it was snowing, and to a boat called the frying pan. crazy guest-listed event, wow, we thought, is this really happening? i think, after all, that's why we came to this city. because this is where bizzare things like this happen, and where you get black vodka all over your lips and end up begging for a cab in the middle of a blizzard by a pier with your coat flapping behind you like clumsy stupid wings.

Jenni took us to this event to corrupt us and she left her phone behind.
That was Saturday night.
Look at how me and Lauren do the same things in different contexts:

Friday night was....LAINEY'S BIRTHDAY!!!
Everything made us laugh.
In all the pictures, we look enormous
and my face looks really red. I
had an accident
(at the tanning booth)
(going tanning)

I heart livejournal scrapbook. You can look at mine. It has photos in it. It's public, like public space, but with photos.

So, Matty is getting evicted, but I don't know what to do for him.

Lauren and I went to Jane for Valentine's Day, dressed up like actual lesbians.
(This is one of those moments where my mother would give me the evil eye and say something about how people like me mess up gay rights for everyone, and I would say well, that's silly, isn't it?)
Blazers, collars, the works. Our gay waiter was a cutie, too.
It was, actually, one of the most pleasent V-Days I've had in some time.

It's hard to compete, really, though, with the Valentine's Day that Natalie and I spent at CVS. I was crying, she was trying, we both were kinda miserable and sad, and I just wanted my medicine and I didn't want to pay for it. It was really, really romantic.

But, though I don't miss the CVS RX counter,
I do miss Natalie.

Throwing conversation hearts at boys with greasy slicked hair with Christyne was a good one too, but mostly because when we came back home and were eating pizza, Scot showed up like a knight on a proverbial horse and swept me away with kisses and an embrace I lost myself in. It was warm there, and I liked it. Loved it, even. That was my year of magical thinking....

I'm reading that book now.
The Year of Magical Thinking.

At two o'clock today, I decided I wasn't certain I could do any more work.
Then I opened almost all of the mail.
I love Macromedia.

Things I heart today:
livejournal scrapbook
joan didion
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this is my five string serenade [04 Feb 2006|02:00pm]

the weekend of january 20th:

a coat of white primer, and another of off-white. newspaper, blue tape. moving boxes from lauren's spacious warehouse of destruction to our little piece of something more promising.
on the way back uptown, in the monster jeep, we flew past the lit-up castle in the harbor, and all tht lights.
you never believe me, he says, that i can do what i think i can do.
from 108th until we get home, he runs every red light.
cops sit in cars like turtles.
i feel all my blood rush into my heart, then to my head, and then explode like electrical fire.


the week of january 21th-january 29th

boxes, boxes, fucking boxes.
crying and yelling and making up
and realizing we love each other too much

to succumb to the fact that:

the act of moving itself is so absolutely unbearbale and involves so much money and ridiculous conversations, logistics and impositions on people's sense of time and order that it pretty much gauruntees that all sentimentality that would seem fitting for the situation is just sucked right out of it. I always found it so odd, on the last day of Interlochen, to be like "oh my god, you're graduating, i'll never see you, i dont' wanna go home, i don't wanna go home for the summer, oh i love you, i love all of you!" and then have to go right from that to sweeping and filling out a checklist about how much poster putty is left on your walls and fighting with your roommate (who you just told you loved forever ever ever) about who really messed up the sink and drew on the wall and who owns that stupid two-dollar target t-shirt. I mean, you're supposed to be crying, but it's like God's way or something: to save you from how sad it is to leave someone by telling you that Copi Properties is coming in at 3pm and if you don't have all your shit out of the fridge, you ain't getting your security deposit back, bitches.


the weekend of january 29th

i stood on the kitchen counter to pull boxes off the top of the cabinets and grabbed onto a cabinet and ripped it right off the thing.
matty fixed it.

"matty is the strongest boy in the whole wide world. minus the racism, i'm kinda gonna miss him."-krista, via text, as they were doing the pre-feb-1st massive curbside drop.

yay for karma!
couldn't have done it without him, his jeep, and his arms.
then, boxes boxes boxes everywhere in brooklyn.
our home!



williamsburg is the cutest ever!!!

We still need cable and I still haven't finished unpacking.
But we do have Fresh-Direct, and music, and Love!

Saw Bryan and Marc at Bryan's new bar in midtown--hadn't seen Bryan (we had a three-day fling in the summer of 01, i still melt because his blue eyes are so blue and pretty) in like, 2 years. In the mean-time, he's gotten married. Marc is still living with the girl he was dating in feb 03--when i went to visit Marc during our U-Mich spring break, when I was totally falling in love with Scot and tweaked out with Adderall, and Marc and Bryan were living together then (which was totally weird, because I had dated Marc when I lived in NYC in 2000, and had hung out with Bryan when I lived in NYC in 2001, at which point Marc was living in Florida), and we did shrooms and X and pot and drink and I made love to a Milky Way bar. Too many milky way bars.

I had stared at the ceiling, which was dancing, and thought, fuck, I'm totally falling in love with Scot.
And it made me feel really vulnerable, and also really hungry, and also sort of alive.
When I got back to Michigan, I had 300 dollars of roaming charges from talking to scot all week. That was the end of it for me and AT+T.

So Lauren and I sat on the stools at Bryan's bar and played with our straws and were as charming as possible, considering. Almost anything is fun when you know someone can talk to you about it later, and understand. I thought about how it was weird that I had kissed all three of them, which reminded me of the old me. Before he got on the subway Bryan turned to us and said:

"Whatever you do, don't get married."


our first saturday morning, williamsburg is rain rain rain.

my room is finally, almost coming together?

i can't wait to be settled in.
i saw matty yesterday, and the day before. krista and i text compulsively.
i miss them a lot,
but that doesn't take away from the fact that

i think this where i'm supposed to be.
i can see things really coming together here.
you know, like my life.

i don't miss the ghetto, at all.
and i kinda heart the hipsters!
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everything i love is ugly, i mean, really, you would be amazed [19 Jan 2006|01:31pm]
Someone from the neighborhood told Matty "I saw you getting into your car with that guy and that girl last week." The girl=Lauren. The boy=ME! ???!!!!

He was like "she's not a boy, she's just a tomboy." I guess i had a hat on and a coat and pants (not my yoga pants or anything) and everything and it was from a distance. Don't know what to make of this, though I'm fairly used to it, considering everyone thought I was a boy between the ages of 4 and 8. Guess it'll save me from getting raped for a little while, in the cold when I'm bundled into androgyny, or, I guess, until summertime when I wear slut-tastic skirts and other feminine apparel. Krista says I walk like a man. You know, like the song. Well, a lot of people tell me that. A soccer coach once told me I ran like an elephant. That was cute.

When Shane wore the fancy Quincinera dress with her converse sneakers,
(The L Word, sunday night, at chez chelain/tara)
I was like "Wow, that's me." I mean, literally.
Ryan used to make fun of me for wearing my converse sneakers to church (I would go to church with him). I think I tried to make the puma/converse/adidas-and-dress outfit stylish for a million years before buying my first pair of heels last year.

"It's so Sporty Spice!"
-me, on my desire to wear sneakers with dresses.

On Friday, we yelled, then talked, then yelled, then talked. I was going through old e-mails and thought, when did this happen? "Is that all life is, replacing people?" David asked his Dead Dad on Six Feet Under. He said "Yes, some of us faster than others."

Matthew has, essentially, moved in.
I feel bad about moving, so maybe I'm making up for it by letting him come over pretty much every day and get out of his cave, because he's going crazy alone in there (well, more crazy).
He smokes ciggarettes out the window, watches bad movies on television,
while I write on my computer, waste time I should be spending wisely, talk on the phone.
Cook, eat, wash dishes, sleep.

We're like an old married couple where one of us is a manic bipolar schitzophrenic in a deep period of mourning and crisis.
We aren't sexually involved in any way,
we can be in the same room without feeling the need for direct interaciotion,
and he wakes me up in the morning by grabbing all of my toes, and screaming "Fix me a Sandwich!"

"Um, so, you told me about Marie's crazy friend from across the street, but you failed to mention that he is an ICELANDIC GOD."
-Krista's friend, Erin, who was our houseguest for some time

Recent concepts (proposed by him) for what he will do when I move to Brooklyn:

1. get a dog
("can the dog cook, matty?" -krista)
2. hang himself
3. play in traffic
4. move to bermuda

Marie: Remember when I made the password on your computer "michigan" so you'd remember where I was from?
Matty: Yeah, but then I fucking stabbed that computer with a really big knife.

I had a date last week. Cameron and I smoked weed that made me crazy. I told him a lot of stories about myself that aren't 100% true and decided he wasn't attractive enough. I also started a fight with him about the institution of marraige, and confirmed that he hated everything that I love (incl. Grey Gardens, "Everything is Illuminated," and "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis," e-mail, computers in general, literature written after 1900.)

"If I had your standards for attractiveness for boys, I would never get laid."


Moving, moving, moving, moving.
Moving moving moving.
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I smoke and I drink and every time I blink I have a tiny dream [09 Jan 2006|04:14pm]
I'm listening to Reckoning/Reveling (Ani DiFranco), on my ipod and it's making my gut hurt. But I can't stop! I don't know why I feel like this today, but I do.

"i've been frantically piling up sandbags against the flood waters of fatigue and insecurity"

I'm reading Prep and I can't stop but it's also making my gut hurt.

Interlochen people: Have you read Prep? Did it suck you in and drain your heart out? Did you stay up all night reading it? Did you feel like you were sleeping with it?

"but as bad as i am,
i'm proud of the fact
that i'm worse than i seem"

I feel a little bit like I'm on anti-depressants, but I'm not. It's just the way I've trained my mind to work.
I've gotten really good at not having feelings, after spending two years as a walking emotion, as this gross gushy sentimental breakable thing---I've gotten back to where I was before all that happened, to the girl I was way back when, with the brick wall.

"so here i am at my most hungry and here i am at my most full, here i am waving a red cape locking eyes with a bull"

I got home late last night, after The L Word party and a late night drop-by to an old friend, and I realized:

gradually, then suddenly

And I told Krista so.

"what kind of paradise am i looking for, i've got everything i want and still i want more,
maybe some tiny new key will wash up on the shore"

She said, she knows, and she thinks it's all her fault.
It's not a matter of fault, really, not anymore.
No amount of anger can change the fact that I've been walking and moving and changing too fast to even allow myself to care that I've had someone surgically attached to my brain/heart/psyche for a long time now and that it's been removed in an ungainly and disgusting kind of way and I'm just like, fumbling with big fat bandages and pretending it's a goddamn fashion statement.

"and my little pink heart is on its little brown raft
floating out to sea
and what can i say
but i'm wired this way
and you're wired to me."

She said "I feel like we're getting divorced or something and we have to split our assets."
I said: "We are getting divorced."

"we thought we left possession behind
but truth is i was yours and you were mine"

It's sad that she didn't even ask about the party, after last year us designing our week around our Sunday nights with Ingrid and The L Word. Dinner and red wine in big goblet glasses and she'd light all the red candles and the Jesus candles and sometimes Ben would be there, his shaggy hair and silly comments, and sometimes not, and the four or three of us would cram in our tiny couches and I knew exactly when Krista would laugh, and I knew exactly when I could look and see that Ingrid and Krista were both crying, too. I remember the silly noises she'd make when there'd be a hot scene-- "Oh my God. I just had an orgasm," and Ingrid pretending to be exhausted like she'd just been there, really, fucking Shane or Bette or Alice or whomever, or squeezing my leg that was sitting on top of hers on the tiny futon.

"and it's hard to feel like you are free
when all you seem to do is referee
remember when it was just you and me
steppin' up to bat?"

Sometimes I wonder if I love "The L Word" so much because it displays a world where girls don't grow up and leave their friends for husbands. It's a world where--even if two of your friends become a couple, you can still be friends with both of them, instead of a boy-girl couple where you're sort of limited in your permitted interactions with the boy and therefore always slightly removed when hanging out with both of them at the same time. I don't know if that makes sense, it makes sense in my mind though. it's just not the same sort of restraint.

"but with you down on bended knee
always looking up at me
that feeling of standing up together is gone

and though i love you through all time and space
my love always seems to take second place."

I'd be lying if I said this was the first time I just turned and ran from a best friend without having the right feelings about it. I know I will be sad about it but right now all I can do is get sad and then angry and then run.

"and she felt like an actress just reading her lines
when she finally said yes, it's really goodbye this time."

My thoughts right now are pudding.

"what kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties
the gravity of duties
or the ground speed of joy?"

My brain is pudding.

I hate Chase bank because they lose things, they're supposed to make my life easier, not harder. It's hard enough, really. Really!

Lauren slept over on Friday night and Saturday we went to sign for OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW APARTMENT
(more on that to come, when I'm in a better mood)
Matty hung out for most of the weekend, contemplating suicide and watching
silly movies on Showtime while I slept and did work.
He talks, I listen, and so on.

I'd also be lying if I said it wasn't getting a bit exhausting,

all this


"and i don't expect
that he'll have much sympathy for my grieving
but i guess that this is the price that we pay for the privilege
of living for even a day
in a world with so many things
worth believing in."

"i don't care how fast you run, just tell me baby, when you're done
with your little marathon, you still got cab fare home
cuz the finish line is a shifty thing and what is life but reckoning
and you know you are still the song i sing
to myself when i'm alone."
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what did you do out there? what did you decide? [04 Jan 2006|12:03am]
So many things. Said 'do whatever you want' and meant it. Was outgoing, happy, and reasonably succesfull. Got a job I was good at and related to my actual interests. Did NOT dye my hair. Did NOT, even for one second, work in a restaurant. Was truly and willingly single for 90% of the year.

According to my livejournal on January 2nd, I made the following promise:

new years resolution:
stop eating thesse planters mixed nuts, especailly since i am picking out all the almonds and cashews and leaving just peanuts for whomever wants to eat them later and that person will be for certain ME. right now.

I would guess.....no. For next year? I think we're going back to NYR2000: "Get it together."

Britney Spears, duh.


Carolina in my mind. Fuck, that's not even a country.

Um...money? Nice abs?

Feb 10th-a bike ran over my foot and i went to the hospital.
June 25th-saw scot in chicago
July 7th-cake party with tara, met matty.
july 26th-the weekend i went to michigan for mark's wedding
august 29th-started at nerve
november 14th-10-year anniversary of dad's death
november 30th-nerve party, met will.
december 11th-NATALIE comes to visit!!!!!

Kind of being okay with myself.
Breaking up with someone without breaking down.
Publications. Job at Lit Agency. nerve.
Making new good friends; tara, lainey, lauren, matty, melaina, among others.

i didn't find a way to be strong and still have feelings. i didn't find a way to protect myself without avoiding intimacy. still reliant on prescription medications, still see no way out of this. still not sure why i think i need a way out.

Well, there was that guy who rode his bike over my foot and turned it purple, large, and incapable of usage for activities like walking. That was on February 10th.



Tyra Banks, George W. Bush, Charles.

if i knew the answer to that question, I'd have a lot less problems.

going to the hamptons with natalie,
every time something i wrote got published or accepted for publication,
RENT the movie,
natalie visiting, ingrid visiting, noah visiting,
the o.c season 2 on dvd, stephanie's birthday,
getting paid for writing,
the l word premiere,
visiting scot in chicago,
fiona apple's new album.

winter-cannonball, damien rice.
spring-new soul song, bright eyes.
summer-these words, natasha bedingford.
fall-breathe me, sia.

a) Happier or sadder? happier.
b) Thinner or fatter? the same.
c) Richer or poorer? oddly...the same. i guess i am slightly richer, because i have less debt. does that count as richer? jesus christ.

seeing movies. going to museums.


on an airplane.



the l word, the west wing (tie)

tyra banks, chris klien.

Bad Behavior, Mary Gaitskill.
Bright Lights Big City, Jay MacIarney.

Leonard Cohen.

A job I like.

Time, sleep, finishing my novel.

Me and You and Everyone We Know

I was 24, and i had dinner with My Love Krista.


Jeans; tight enough to be sexy, baggy enough to ride hips. Mens wifebeaters, v-neck t-shirts, hoodies. i'd like to imagine it's tomboy-hipster-chic, but in truth, it's probably lazy-chic.

adderall. wine. the west wing. natalie.


EVERYTHING. Every time that fuck-nut got on television and opened his ridiculous mouth. But probably the fact that John Roberts was actually put through was fairly appalling. Gay marraige, reproductive rights, etc etc. Katrina, of course. I could go on. Harriet Miers? I mean, REALLY??!!!

Krista in the summer, Natalie in the fall.

The fact that for the first time in my life I can't decide who the best new person I met is says so much about how much I've changed that I can't even believe it.

Stand up for yourself! Always!
Never explain, never apologize.

"i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now."
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the red isn't the red we painted, it's just rust [28 Dec 2005|10:51am]
joey: people change, dawson.
dawson: they don't have to.
joey: yes they do. people die, and they move away.....and they grow up, dawson. everything changes eventually.

"It seems like Christmas gets a little shorter every year," my cousin Glen said. Grandpa was already down for the count, reflecting our general sentiment by conking out in his armchair. "I think the amount of time we like to be around each other just keeps getting shorter."

At the risk of sounding like Prarie Home Companion--

My Cousin Natalie (not to be confused with my Best Friend Natalie) and I used to play Trivial Pursuit all afternoon (also known as "You Win" when Kyle plays cuz he's a genuis) but this year she brought her cute boyfriend she met in Columbus (where she lives now) and they had to leave right after lunch to go to his family's celebration.

My grandfather can't really move anymore. Physically.

When we were kids and my Dad was still alive and no one had cute boyfriends or husbands or wives and my Uncle Jack hadn't yet turned out to be a scumbag....me and carrie and natalie would dress up like Jem and the Rockers and make our parents take photographs and we'd make paper dolls and make movies, later, and i'd wear my moon boots when Grandpa would take me out to the farm and I'd look at animals like they were fossils. And we'd eat noodles cooked in lard and have three potato products in one meal.

I mean--we'd go to Ohio all the time when my Dad was alive, like every two months or so, but then we called it oh-ho-ho! Now we go once a year--and only for a day or two.

Lauren and I are moving to Brooklyn together, and Krista is moving in with Pete.
My psychiatrist, who made some extra holiday cash while I was in Michigan,
says Krista likes tree-lined streets in Propsect Heights, and I have platonic slumber parties with the fallen beauty lunatic drug addict across the street, so clearly we have a discrepency in what parts of life we currently are drawn to, and that's that.

I'm obscenly excited about the dream-life of tap floors and screwdrivers and bookshelves and mutual manhattan-oriented enthusiasm that me and Lauren will have in the borough.
I'm excited about being closer to a lot of my friends, location wise, and also to my favorite neighborhood of the east village. I'm excited to be close to Williamsburg instead of being close to the Upper East Side when it comes to things like coffee and music. There is no music on the Upper East Side, and Best Buy makes me feel dirty.

But it's sad, too--Krista--gradually, and then suddenly--isn't that what they say?

Maybe I'm just stubborn, some girl dancing in the club past sunrise, but I'm not really into this. The part where everyone grows up and gets married or gets into serious relationships that can't help but change your friendship. The part where people get old and stop moving and you start to realize you could lose them.

And you too, Joey Potter!!!! Shame on You!

That being said--

I feel like when me and Lauren get our place,
everything in my life will be really gelled and nice,
because most things seem to be going my way.

I'm just worried that one day all these people will be
and then
and then i'll be irritating/irritated.
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i can now die a happy woman [19 Dec 2005|11:25am]
My Life Is Now Complete.
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you've got to give up a lot to make it last [19 Dec 2005|12:05am]
Well, so.

I feel like I've been going like I'm in the final lap for a few weeks now, sort of like it's finals week and I keep thrusting all of my energy into one exam, trying to forget that the next one is coming. I think I've over-extended myself, and I've started to feel like I'm doing everything half-assed, but trying really hard to tell everyone that I can do it all. I seem to have succumbed to the clerk, eager to say yes...which is odd, considering I've spent most of my life as a "no girl." Also I could use some better time management skills. also it would be nice if I spent less time on transportation.

Lauren's stayed with me this week. Because a Type A Asshole finally enacted his Ultimate Blow Of Asshole-ness. I think...

I'm moving to Brooklyn.
Callie, this means all that hang-out talk we've been talking can become actual truth, and, perhaps, even, regular truth.

Matty came back. He had no electricity--no heat--no food--no money. When I could, I tried to take him in and feed him. Sometimes I could still see, under the scruff and the sadness, the beautiful boy who'd seduced me in the corner of a trendy party at Salon and taken me home with his hand on my thigh. He came back 2.5 weeks ago, and the first night we had fun, and he thanked me, told me he knows he couldn't have lived without me. I will always love that boy, but sometimes I'm exhausted. Still, if he buzzed up right now, I'd probably stay up until 3AM to make him dinner and listen to him. I know how hard it is to lose a parent, and it seems inumane that this should happen to him so soon after literally going insane--discovering he has a mental illness and needs medication to be safe and alive.

I've also, at least, had a fucking kick-ass time almost every night lately...which is awesome.

Tara's b-day was last weekend, and it was good to see her and Lainey. !!

Friday night Lauren and I went to Jenny's, hung out with her and Katy and laughed a whole lot. Last night, as displayed in the photoset captured above, we hit up a bust party and had drinks..

Who's been in town all week.

We had dinner at Agave on Wenesday, cuz Rachel is leaving the agency--
me, cameron, newly-exiled Lauren and Natalie,
and it was fun.

See, FUN!

And P.S...

I hate it when computers are right.

ColorQuiz.com marie took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Takes easily and quickly to anything which provide..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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she could see from my face that i was fucking high [04 Dec 2005|02:26am]
I can't believe it's 2:30 AM and I'm still in Jenny's office because she's nice enough to let me use it to finish this essay for nerve which is pulling me in so many different directions, none of which, I fear, is "well-written."

krista (looking at newspaper, queens man pushed in front of train, dead): Fuck. Can you like, imagine that?
me: what?
krista: like, pushing somone? into the path of a fucking subway car?
me: yup.
krista: (pause) alrighty then. moving on...

It's cold outside
last night a street guy with a tarp of stuff asked me and lauren if we needed a handbag and I said "yeah, she does," and cracked up and she thought i told him that she had change for him and I was like no, it was funny because she already had about three bags on her right then, and I had my sixteen gallon backpack and I mean, come on, the last thing either of us needed was a handbag.
We had cheeseburgers at around-the-clock, sort of almost-buzzed from the standard mixed juice-vodka bottles and almost-stoned from a Found Joint and everything was delicious and freezing.

There was a nerve party several days ago
which was, really, quite fun,
though i threw up all day thursday.
I'm blaming the chicken soup i had Wenesday evening
because I only had four drinks--
two at the party--warm beer--and two after with a cute artist boy from princeton that i met at the nerve party.

Krista tells me bad things about my state upon returning home.
Luckily, she had already cut my hair the night before so she didn't have to hold it back for me or anything.
Poor Krista. Poor Me.
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believe it or not baby, the joy you bring still outweighs it [23 Nov 2005|09:14pm]
Ha-Makom y'nachem et'chem b'toch sha'ar avelei Tzion v'Yerushalayim...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is why I don't watch Reality TV. I like to imagine that Reality TV isn't scripted or plotted, and that instead of being teased and foiled by the typical twists inherent in a scripted show, things will work out as they ought to---people who deserve to win the "games" on these shows will win. But that's not true now, is it?

Kim. Oh, Kim. Maybe she can be on The L Word now. How hot was she in that blue hoodie and pearls and her hair and makeup all done?

Tomorrow Melaina is coming over for Thanksgiving, and I am gonna make some rockin' mashed potatos and probably drink too much wine, as is my general habit on holidays. My apartment cleaning was interrupted by sudden-onset depression, triggered when Tyra "Vagina Arms" Banks told Bre "Mega Bitch" Breopolis that she could stay. Even though she obviously won't win. Where are you LISA??

Last Friday night I took Lauren to the Kate and Camilla Blog Party for nerve. We were late, of course, so by that time there were no naked bartenders (as promised) or alchohol (as assumed), but that's fine cause Lauren and I spent most of the party in the hallway laughing at our own jokes about hanging up crossstiched pictures of ourselves in our friend Jenny's office. And getting stoned in the bathroom with people whom I will not reveal the identity of here. Oh, New York, I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

Oh! I just remembered about Rent!
That'll be nice. Good for the soul.

My Adderall cost 175.00.
Yup. Cause I couldn't get in to see my NY doctor,
and I'm still playing phone tag with pysch places,
so it wasn't covered by my insurance.

Okay, I think I should go to bed.
This day has gone on long enough.

Too bad I already took some of my expensive Adderall in my plan to do major cleaning before This Happened. Jesus Christ.

I know I had something important to say.....right?

The complete idiocy of this post, I'm hoping, will inspire me to write another one really soon.
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i don't need to tell you what it's all about, you just start on the inside and work your way out [14 Nov 2005|06:35pm]
So, to begin with:

it's been ten years

"so we're speeding towards that time of year
to the day that marks that you're not here
and i think i'll want to be alone
so please understand if i don't answer the phone
i'll just sit and stare at my deep blue walls
until i can see nothing at all
only particles, some fast, some slow
all my eyes can see is all i know, oh
but i'm about to give this one more shot
and find it in myself.."
(azure ray, "november")

ten years since i lost my father. isn't that a weird word, "lost"? i haven't mentioned it yet to anyone, today. usually there are people who know, someone who says something, i can see that my aunt called but i don't think i can really bear it. i've always been a bit of a stubborn brat in my insistance that he's just as gone today as he is any other day, so why should I be any more upset about it today then I will be tomorrow? it sucks more than anything will ever suck, and that's true yesterday and today. but the truth of the matter is i will have to talk to my family today and that I'll have to talk about the fact that my Dad is dead and that it sucks, so that i'm not also a straight-up brat, and i don't think i can do that. my life is a memorial to him. at least, i hope it is. that's what i'm aiming for. if i ever really really thought about it...missing him.......i would just die.

The weekend:

"A week ago I didn't even know you, really," I said on the couch, the valuble couch in the muted-red club with the apple hookah filling our lungs with a kind of airy confidence, drinks in big martini glasses that tasted fresh-squeezed from a bush of grapefruit and vodka, and Lauren said "Yeah, but I knew that we'd become friends really fast." I've known Lauren for almost a year, but somehow we never got around to becoming actual friends until last week.

Nicole, in her black mini-skirt and tights, did her best Desperately Seeking Susan, her arms in the air like she was born in an underground club, falling from the sky like a stunt at a Bowie concert, a kind of lap dancer but without the laps and the nudity and the sleeze.

"It's everything I ever thuoght her life would be like, and more," Lauren whispered. How so, so true. Nicole has always seemed to have an awareness of where the pretty people go, as lovely Ani would say. And yes, yes she did.

"This is for sure blog-worthy." (also Lauren).

So here we are--blog-worthy, all of it!

The weekend was crazy and mostly intoxicated...and I was happy, that after dealing with the biggest asshole twat of a boy ever on friday night, that we still made Saturday night fun for Lauren's birthday....

I didn't go to sleep until the sun was already up either night though, which might be part of the reason why today my eyes won't open all the way.

I think I wanna cut my hair again. It's a pain. I need less hair in the winter so it won't take as long to blow-dry.

Is anyone gonna be in the city for Thanksgiving?

In 1999, Meg and Sheetal and Anna and Jenny and I felt like grown-ups in Meg's NYU dorm, making Thanksgiving dinner in dishes made out of tin foil, susbtituting mushrooms for the bird none of us understood. We watched them blow up the baloons for teh parade and ran around, drunk on wine coolers, in the absolutely unbearably cold air. I read Stephen Dunn. I drank Pepsi One, which doesn't exist anymore, and ate candied nuts and wore my favorite sweater.. Manisha Snoyer was there. Anna and I ran to the west village and back in the morning, in the rain, tracking time by the clocks we saw through deli windows. Mainsha Snoyer is out of her fucking mind, but in an amazing way.

I remember this conversation with Manisha, from Thanksgiving Day:

me: "How is Britney Spears not a feminist? She's all about girl power."
manisha: "Um, HIT ME BABY? ONE MORE TIME??"

I'd like to do something like that again.
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some days the line i walk turns out to be straight , other days the line tends to deviate [08 Nov 2005|02:42pm]
"write something in your journal so i have something to read."
-Melaina, just now

I'm not feeling so well today. Or, as Jason so aptly put it:

JBHorns18: you are plastered176 today

Last night went to a party with Lauren.
I was, without a doubt, a a bad drunk. With the bruises to prove it. From running into things. Dancing? Um, playing? Slept at Lauren's until about 5am, when I woke up and wandered aimlessly in Williamsburg until an MTA bus drove me to the L station. Once in Manhattan, I promptly got out, went straight to an ATM and withdrew 80 bucks I don't have to take a cab home. Right.

I knew I wouldn't be able to make it all week without going out. Though I think this one'll do me for a while.
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well, you were there--you saw how much it counts [06 Nov 2005|10:27pm]
So, Matty has dissapeared because his grandmother died.
I was informed of this via text message.
She's basically his Mom--esentially his reason for existance...
I told him (via text) that I'd be here for him, whatever, if he needed me...
I can't even imagine (okay, I can, pretty much exactly) what he's going through and I want to help him, and I wish he was here so I actually could help him, you know?

Then he texts me: "find my fucking money Marie!" because he is "virtual" and I can find his money, apparently, by typing his name into a search engine called "Fire Fox." He's said this before...he talks about how it's "all online," that all his money is online...I think it's cause he's recently discovered the internet and somehow his mind has wrapped itself around the idea that it's capable of doing things, like producing money...it's taken me a while to figure out how his mind works...but I get it, a little...of course it's impossible...but I wanted to be helpful...

When I asked him to explain to me what exactly what I need to do, he told me to stop asking questions because he's greiving and said he never wanted to talk to me again and hung up.

I don't know what to do....it's hard to deal with someone who's skitzo...and in the worst situation ever..and in Virginia...and definetly not taking his meds.


January 8th
As it turns out, I'm still capapble of getting sexually excited about something besides scot....and kim from america's next top model. although really i thought the percentage of screen time given to shane on the "teaser" (not, really, accurately named) was pretty paltry. Really, really paltry.

So I'm sick of being in debt. It's just getting old,
like having a cold for two weeks and being like, fuckin' A, am
i still taking Tylenol Cold???!! So, this weekend,
I could have done these things:
-gone out with tara for her friends birthday
-met an old college friend for a drink
-gone to a coworkers birthday party
Okay..there are lots of things I could have done. This is making me depressed.
I was getting cabin fever by Saturday night,
and though I'm still kinda cranky,
at least I didn't do what i always do which is go:

"Eh...fuck it. I'll go out. Money is not as important as fun..."

Cuz it's easy to drop at least 80 bucks in a night going out...between substances and transportation, in NYC...and i hate going out if I'm not like, flush with cash. And the idea of flirting my way into getting drinks (on the off-chance I go to a hetero club) is so 2000-2004.

What I did do: work.
Which I needed to do, so it's good.

Had a really good conversation w/Lauren online last night though, that was good.

So I feel like--proud of myself.
Especially when working out in regular bra on Friday
because I forgot a sports bra and instead of picking up a cheapie
at Morells or something, I was budget.
It kinda hurt. Because of my gigantic breasts.

This week will be better in that sense. Then I can paint the town red this weekend. I'd like to go out right now.

Instead I will live vicariously through television.
Like, what if I was Jenny, riding up in my car and Shane and Bette were sitting on my porch? That'd be hot.
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